Edible Sheet Usage Instructions

Instructions for Our Edible Icing Sheets:


Once you have designed your icing sheet on your PC or Mac and are ready for for printing, remove an Icing Sheet from the Zip-Lock bag. It is very important to remember to reseal the bag to keep the sheets fresh when not in use.


Place the sheet in the printer with the bottom backing paper facing down and the icing side facing up and print it. Make sure to align the sheet correctly and keep the adjustment holders on your printer firmly against either end of the icing sheet nut not TOO tight.


Once your sheet is printed let the print dry in the air for 5 to 10 minutes. A simple touch with your finger on the image will allow you to observe whether any ink still hasn’t dried.  If the Icing Sheets seem too dry & brittle place a slightly damp paper towel inside the Zip-Lock with them. Make sure the towel DOES NOT touch the icing sheet itself but only rests underneath the backing paper. DO NOT put the paper towel on the Icing Sheet. Remove after a few days.


When you are ready to use the icing sheet, have your frosted cake ready. White butter-cream frosting is best but any will work, even frozen ice cream cakes. Your frosting should be fresh, not dry. If the frosting becomes dry spray a fine mist of water over the cake before applying the print. To remove the frosting sheet pull the backing page across the sharp edge of a table. It should separate easily.


NOTE: If you are using a 'wet' icing such as whipped cream, it is advisable to fisrt bond your icing sheet to a thin rolled out piece of fondant icing under your icing sheet then apply to your whipped cream cake surface. You will achieve a better finish and your topper will look its best.


Lay the frosting sheet on top of the cake from the middle first, to the ends. If the Icing Sheet seems at all stubborn about peeling off its backing paper use a hair dryer over it for another 45 to 60 seconds. If climate is humid, repeat until it releases easily. Another method that is recommended is to place the icing sheet into a refrigerator for 30 – 45 seconds. This will help it peel off much easier.


Apply the sheet to cake. If there are wrinkles pat gently to smooth. Add a border or edge decoration of your choice to finish. If you did not add words on the computer screen you can add them by hand on top. Unlike other icing sheets available, our EIS sheets are both very thin to give a splendid ‘merged’ look on your cake and also very tough and wont tear so easily like other sheets.


NOTE: Refrigeration is not necessary unless the climate is very dry. Be careful not to let water drip onto the Icing Sheets either before or after they are on the cake. The sheet will melt and ruin your image. After the sheet is on the cake for 10 minutes or more it will merge with the frosting on the cake. Our vanilla tasting sheets will ensure that there is a pleasant taste and our edible ink will ensure there is no unnatural taste.



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