About Us

Edible Image Toppers .com.au (Edible Image Toppers Pty Ltd) has been supplying edible cake toppers for a few years now and have become the market leader in unique and dazzling cake toppers that are unavailable elsewhere. With over 600 edible topper designs on our website alone, we have the largest range of toppers in Australia. We are certainly not your average cake decorators. Why? We are real graphic and art designers who have implemented the art of design and our very rare collection of poster and fine art memorabilia into an edible cake enterprise.

What made you get into edible toppers? Well naturally by adopting a highly creative team, years of decorating experience and the digital restoration of over 1000 pieces of memorabilia we thought we certainly could hit a high note by having extra satisfaction knowing that our masterpieces can also be deliciously consumed!

Another reason was that after considerable research, we found that the majority of edible toppers online were focused mainly on kids and childrens birthdays. We mean we all love the Wiggles but we doubt it would be the choice for a young adult let alone a grown woman or man! So we though edible toppers would be the perfect novelty for adults and seniors as well. Why do kids always get all the fun :-) So by introducing our large range of toppers online it allowed our dream to become a reality.

Apart from the designs why are we so popular? As we like to do things differently, we use a very unique icing formula that allows our icing sheets to not only apply to your cake very easily, but taste fantastic with a sweet vanilla flavour without that grainy texture like other leading brands. Our edible ink is imported from Italy which is a first but their quality is impeccable! And you'll witness this in the clarity and colour vividness when you get your topper.

We are also one of the only edible topper suppliers to provide a real and creative design service for any custom work you require. Our extensive digital art techniques and experience certainly beams us ahead of the pack. Our friendly service is also first rate and we will answer all your enquiries usually with 24 hours. So sit back, relax and browse through our collection at your pace and if you do have any question please dont hesitate to drop us an email